Welcome to our new website!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our website and practice: Heart Essence Living. For a start we invite you to get to know us and our offerings. Our hands are open in an invitation to all of you who wish to receive healing and heal the world by doing so. It is by learning to relate differently with our pain and challenges that we outgrow our limitations and become the best version of ourselves. In the future, we will share more about self-care tactics for turbulent times but for now and, as an entry point for the dialog that we wish to form with you, we would like to reframe the role of pain in our lives: rather than an obstacle or a burden pain, reveals itself as an opportunity for growth.

Pain. Do you have it? Where is it? In the body? On the skin or deeper inside?

Is it in your feelings, in your emotions? Does it manifest as hunting thoughts? Patterns of anxiety, worry, anger or fear? Habits that were forged over time and today seem unbreakable? Is it to be found between you and others? People who are close to you or just others around you, near you or further away in the world? Between you and the world? Or God? It’s somewhere to be found.

Despite our obvious preference not to feel pain (and other negative feelings), pain plays a central role in our ongoing process of growth which should be explained further. As we cultivate a compassionate heart-centered approach, we realize pain to be more than something we wish to get rid of. Imagine pain, hate, jealousy, anger and every negative sensation you can think of as your own forsaken children who wish to receive your love. Hurting is Their way to get your attention, pleading you to embrace them, include them and accept them as worthy and legitimate members in the larger scheme of all that exist. Understandably, you have been pushing them away, separating them from your reality to the best of your ability. Just trying to move on. But we cannot deny parts of ourselves without subconsciously realizing the violence in doing so – innerly judging ourselves for it, and creating more pain. Layers upon layers of pain. Negative cycles are being formed and perpetuous pain seems like an ongoing reality.

Realizing how much of the negativity in our life is self-inflicted might shock you at first, then struck you with remorse but eventually can lead us to witness ourselves as empowered centers of responsibility and dignity, and as a source of influence on the co-creation of all reality

Finding ways to cope with pain, as we pass through the forming years of our childhood were once brilliant and innovative strategies, revolutionary for their time, but restricting and inhibiting if habitually still deployed by us today. For the sake of self-preservation we learn to withhold our trust from others but, can we choose to trust today?

It is imperative. 

Let’s go back. Pain is intended to guide, to instruct, and is a call for our attention and care. It is a universal experience that supports our journey towards well-being – a state of Joy and Elation, which is equally universal. Indeed, joy is our innate birthright and it is in the wound that the gifts are to be found.

When coming to see us, you are making an incredible choice to become more of yourself and break free from loops and cycles that seamlessly hold you back from the freedom in evolving further. Do you believe you could allow more love to flow through you? Let us hold you in a sacred space where this pain can be met with loving awareness, either by conversation or by laying our hands. We are trained in connecting with the subtle energies of your energy field, tapping into intentional splits that hold the expression of your pure essence hindered. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Going into your growing edge takes courage, fierceness. It takes Heart. But you don’t have to do it alone!

Celebrate the challenge! Let us be there with you on a journey of transformation.

We honor your path. 

We honor your journey. 

We honor your hardships and losses, 

your achievements and victories. 

No matter what happened up to this moment, 

we know you to be the pure light that you are in Essence. 

As everything is and will always be.

In praise,

sending blessings,