Salome Torres

About Me

  • Years Ex.: 14
  • Degree: Brennan Integration Practitioner
  • Training: Hands of Light Workshop Leader


Salome Torres was born in Quito, Ecuador, surrounded by the mountains and the view of the Cotopaxi volcano.

My first memory of consciously healing someone was when I was 7. My mother was worried and, I put my hand on her back. My intention was for her to feel peace. I put my hand on her back and I saw white light coming from my hands into her body. After a few minutes, she looked at me surprised and told me that she felt a very deep sense of peace and she thanked me.

I started studying different types of healing modalities since I was 12 and later on I found the Barbara Brennan School of Healing which was a transforming 7 year process where I underwent a deep healing process that continues to this day.

I got involved with meditation and went on meditation retreats, which also included process work and regression therapy. There, I learned how to consciously connect with the spiritual worlds and I developed perception for subtle energies.

I studied and experimented with nutrition for many years. I experienced how nutrition affects not only the physical body, but our emotions and our consciousness. Furthermore, I believe that eating intuitively and listening to our body is the key to balance and well being.

My clients are sacred to me and I share with them an integrative approach based on personal experience and training as well as an open space where my clients can be honest and bring themselves fully.