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5 Tools For Self Healing

Using your pendulum, muscle testing or sensing our energy field can be very useful to determine the blockages of energy in our body.The charts below are a great tool for healers, doctors and dowsers.

The information below is a summary from different healing modalities, among these: Sintergética, developed by Dr. Jorge Carvajal, Brennan Healing Science developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan and the Clairvision School of Meditation developed by Dr. Samuel Sagan as well as my background in nutrition.

We are going to explore:

–  How to detect energetic and physical blocks  

–  How to develop our intuition and cultivate clarity

–  How to choose the right diet for yourself or your client

–  How to balance the chakras 

–  Grounding


Detecting Blocks

By using your pendulum or muscle testing, you can go through the list below and see where you or your client need work. 


Scars block the flow of energy in the body. Ask your pendulum which scars need work:

Physical Scars:

– From surgery

– From the Epidural (anesthesia produced by injection of a local anesthetic into the peridural space of the spinal cord beneath the ligamentum flavum)

– Cuts

– Ruptures

– Belly button (is also a scar!)

– Episiotomy (surgical incision on the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall during second stage of labor)

– Tonsillectomy (the surgical removal of the tonsils)

– Wisdom tooth

– Body Piercings (In this case you can also consult with an acupuncturist to bring the energy flow back to the body. Some piercings block the energy flow on the meridians)

– Tattoos (Ink from tattoos is toxic and it’s also considered a scar)

– Emotional Scars

– Trauma

– Biological reaction to an emotional situation (Example: Receive bad news while you are eating)


Toxins are found in the middle layer were connective tissue, muscle, bone and circulatory systems develop.
When you find toxic impregnations, you can remove them from your environment or diet and use a high quality B complex as well as supplements such as chlorella, spirulina and chaga mushroom tea.

TOXIC IMPREGNATIONS (Muscle test each number)

1. Botulism (botulinal toxin has been found in canned corn, peppers, green beans, soups, beets, asparagus, mushrooms, ripe olives, spinach, tuna fish, chicken and chicken livers and liver pate, and luncheon meats, ham, sausage, stuffed eggplant, lobster, and smoked and salted fish)
2. Tuberculinium (Sometimes found in dairy: pasteurized milk)
3. Salmonella (Found in chicken poop, sometimes it’s in top of eggs, so make sure to wash them well before using them)
4. Pyrogenium Swiss (Found in pork, sausages)
5. Pyrogenium (from chicken)
6. Pyrogenium (from seafood )
7. Pyrogenium (from eggs)
9. Flu
10. Hepatitis
11. Mumps
12. Smallpox
13. Measles
14. Varicella
15. Rociola
16. Tetanus
17. Caffeine (With Caffeine, you can transition to a less caffeinated drinks such as hierba matte. And if you love coffee and are not in the place to stop drinking it, make sure you drink lots of water and check if your calcium levels are ok).
18. Herpes
19. Human Papilloma Virus
20. Syphilis
21. Streptococcus
22. Staphylococcus
22. Meningococcal
23. Polio
24. Dye
25. Preservatives
26. Aluminum (food additives, deodorants, saucepans)


1. Hair dye (even organic products are toxic. The chemicals from hair dye go straight to the brain)
2. Paraquat (Toxic weed killer that damages the lungs and can cause death. Found sometimes in bread and pasta)
3. Antimony (Sometimes used in traditional cosmetics, paint and glass arts, ice cream, and cream of tartar)
4. Mercury (used in dental amalgams, cosmetics, lightening)
5. Lead (used in gasoline, it’s in the air, used in roofing)
6. Asbestos (pipe and duct insulation, building insulation, wall and ceiling panels. Linked to lung cancer)
7. Ammonia (bathroom cleaners, industrial food processing additive)
8. DDT (insecticidal, preservative in bread)
9. Aluminum (food additives, deodorants, saucepans)
10. Antibiotics (Drink Probiotics after you finish using your antibiotics)
11. Drugs
12. Chemotherapy
13. Insecticides
14. Fungicides
15. Chlorine (Mixing baking soda with vinegar to clean instead of chlorine is a great alternative! If your work involves the use of chlorine, please wear globes and a mask, take care of yourself. It’s very important).
16. Sulfur
17. Arsenic
18. Malatium (found sometimes in French fries, green plantains)


Natural irregularities in the earth’s magnetic field can be intensified by power lines, underground pipelines, and other natural and man-made features such that a stress field harmful to human health and well-being; may cause cancer according to research.

You can ask your pendulum if the problem or disease in your client is related with geophatic stress; if this is the case you need to ask this person to move the bed and dowse for earth lines or ask your pendulum where to put their bed. There are also instruments made specifically to dowse these earth lines; after you research about it, you can buy them or make your own. The book Awakening the Third Eye, by Samuel Sagan has information on how to do this.


Ask your pendulum, which radiation should be removed or worked on. Radiation can come from TV, microwave, cell phones, white lights, blow-dryers, old cars, computer as well as energetically from people we dislike or from an object that doesn´t serve us anymore.

Ask the person to turn off what is causing the radiation while they sleep and to keep it far away from their head. They may also benefit from walking barefoot or lying on the grass a few minutes a day. Radiation drains or system, using Earthing technology is a good way to shield ourselves from radiation. Earthing mats protects us and connects us with the energy of the Earth when we can’t be in nature. Earthing mats have been proved to regulate sleep patterns and help decrease thyroid medication.

4.Terrestrial Energies: underground water currents, geophaty.

5. Extraterrestrial energies: stars, planets (In this case the person may be affected by a particular planet, research the planet, it’s planetary force and what it is associated with to better work with it. A great book on planets is: Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing by Samuel Sagan.

6. Humans: When you dislike, can’t tolerate someone. Example: Math teacher. In this case I desensitize who I’m working with from the person energetically (usually its one of the parents) and work on the relationship. In some cases you dislike someone because it reminds you of something you dislike about yourself. One example here can be when you hate people who are submissive and can’t speak up. Maybe you hate that part of yourself that doesn’t have a voice right now. Once you work on this, you will be surprised at how people stop being so annoying. Of course there are more reasons, use your intuition and be curious.

7. Objects: mirrors, toys, paintings, furniture, etc. The energy of a particular object might not be good for us. Sometimes the energy of objects can give us an unpleasant feeling; it might be associated with memories from the past or attachments. It can also mean that the energy in the object has been stagnated or we are allergic to the material it’s made out of. Clearing clutter is always positive, don’t hesitate to get rid of things you don’t use or that make you feel down. Clearing clutter creates space for new things to arrive and can be a blessing to give them away or selling them to someone who needs it!

8. Beings from other dimensions: These beings might enter the energy of the person when he does drugs or drinks alcohol.

9. Cultural: Taboos

10. Religious: When “God” becomes a punishment, sin, guilt. (Closed off ideas)

11. Family: Different situations. Example: When the father dies the roles of the family change. The son tries to take the father’s role and the dynamic on the family changes. This is important to work on. The son needs to learn to still be the son; that is healthy because that is his role.

12. Ancestral: People from the past that still have an influence in someone’s life. Karma or unfinished situations. Family constellation therapy is ideal in these cases or working with a Brennan Integrative Practitioner.

13. Physical: vasectomy, laser surgeries, extracted organs, ulcers, tubal ligation.

14. Amalgams: Mercury, metal, tooth implants, wisdom teeth removal.

15. Beds: metallic beds.



The chart below belongs to my nutrition school. You can ask your pendulum or your intuition what is the right diet for you. Keeping in mind that the chart is just a guideline and it is very fruitful to eat intuitively.

5 Diet Types for Every Body graphic

We crave the foods we just ate, usually. Once we start drinking more water, eating organic vegetables and fruits we start getting our sense of taste back, some foods have many additives and are designed to be addictive. Please never microwave food. Never use plastic while microwaving foods. I have seen many restaurants that do that. It’s so toxic and scary. Plastic bottles are not good for us either, especially when they have been exposed to the sun.
Here is a simple chart that you can use to have a little guidance about the diet that might be right for you and it might change with time.

The chart below can help you to energetically balance your diet. Foods that are less yang and less yin are more balanced.

food energetics



Intuition takes practice, curiosity and wonder. I’m going to introduce a couple practices that have been useful for me, which I learned at the Clairvision School of Meditation.

Since I started doing them, I perceive more when I do energy healing and it adds depth to my life and relationships.
The two techniques below can be found in the book Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan or if you prefer to learn through a video, you can try this great practical:

Here is a short overview:

1. Simply rest your awareness on the area between the eyebrows where the third eye is located and connect your breathing to it. Be peripheral, relax the eyes. Practice this technique when you drive, when you eat, when you are talking with someone. You can also rest your awareness in the third eye and the heart at the same time.

2. Night practice: this practice is designed to do before going to sleep or during the day if you need to rejuvenate. It will help you relax, enhance memory, recover from fatigue and sleep better as well as enhance your perception for non physical energies and learn to astral travel at night. You can find recorded versions of this practice or record your own. The practical video above has it as well. Enjoy it!

Here is a simple version:
Lay down comfortably on your back. Cover yourself with a blanket so as not to get cold. Make sure to remove your watch and belt and use comfortable clothing. Is important to be in a place where you will not be disturbed and that is quiet.
Eyes closed, legs uncrossed, arms by your sides. The practice will work better if your back is straight.
Relax completely
Start with a few sighs, sighing as a sign of relieve, letting go through sighs
We will begin with a round on body parts, each time I name a body part simply become aware of it.
We will start with awareness on the top of the head, awareness of the left ear, awareness of the right ear, a triangle pointing up from the ears to the top of the head, awareness of the left eye, right eye, awareness of the throat; a triangle pointing down, the eyes as the base of the triangle, the throat as the tip. Awareness of the tongue, the tip of the nose, the forehead, the top of the head. Simply awareness. Awareness of the back of the head, awareness of the back of the neck. From here we go to the left shoulder, the left elbow, the left wrist. Just awareness. Left hand, the fingers of the left hand, then awareness of the right shoulder, the right elbow, the right wrist, the right hand, the fingers of the right hand. Turn your awareness to the left hip, awareness of the left knee, the left ankle, the left foot, left toes, the right hip, the right knee, the right ankle, the right foot, the right toes, from here we go to the bottom of the abdomen slowly moving up to the navel, and moving from the navel to the middle of the chest, move your awareness from the chest to the throat. Feeling the whole head, awareness of the whole left arm, the whole right arm, the whole left leg, the whole right leg, just awareness, the whole body. Feeling the body as a whole.
From here a phase of recollecting images of the day. Start with what you were doing before the night practice, just remembering images, passively letting them come to you, moving back in time, towards the morning, the scenes of your daily activities, visuals of places you went to, people you spoke to, visuals of the foods you ate. Visual memories of the day, moving back towards the morning, images of yourself in bed as you were waking up. Now a phase of spontaneous colors and images, colors, moving patterns, images. Just let them come to you. Any image, any pattern, feeling the colors, drinking them in.
Now we are going to start a count down on the breath, starting with 21, with awareness on your belly, 21 when you inhale, 21 when you exhale, 20 when you inhale, 20 when you exhale and so on…
…if you reach cero or lose the count, start again from 21….
End of the night practice.



Chakras are part of our energy consciousness. When they work well, we are healthy and happy. You can open each chakra by changing belief systems that don’t serve you, by grounding, using colors, sounds or healings. Look at the charts below to get familiar with the chakra system. You can also put your hands on a chakra and tune into it. See how it feels, what sensations or emotions come up, etc.


As you can see above, each chakra has a location and a color. To open a chakra you can put your hand near the area and imagine that you spin color into the chakra on a clockwise direction. For example, the third chakra is yellow. You imagine that you spin it clockwise using color yellow or imagine a warm sun shining inside your solar plexus. The chakras above are located at the center of the body on the front and back of our body. If you have low self esteem, by working on self confidence you can bring healing to your chakra. Below is a short summary on the chakra system. Which chakra do you feel is your strongest? Which chakra needs healing?

levels of the field


This chakra connects us with our personal survival and will to live. It connects us with our family and our roots. It helps us ground and feel our place on Earth. This chakra is about opening up to your feelings of security and belonging.

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus

Color: Red

Area of the body that nourishes: spinal column, kidneys, adrenal glands.

Number of vortices: 4

Physical level: I exist, I am becoming

Healing Mantra: LAM


Zodiac Signs:  Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

The second chakra is about our feelings about ourselves, pleasure, emotions, relationships, creativity, sexuality and money. This chakra is about opening up to others and express ourselves.

Color: Orange

Area of the body that nourishes: Reproductive System, gonads.

Number of vortices: 6

Personal emotions: I feel emotionally

Healing Mantra: VAM


Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

The third chakra is about personal power, self esteem, intellectual understanding. This chakra is about standing up for yourself and is related with attachments.

Blocks in this chakra relate with fear of rejection and sensitivity to criticism.

Color: Yellow

Area of the body that nourishes: stomach, liver, gallbladder, nervous system, pancreas.

Number of vortices: 10

Thinking: I think

Healing Mantra: RAM


Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

This chakra is about opening up to unconditional love and compassion. Its about our relationship with others and about letting suppressed emotions heal. This chakra opens spontaneously when we think of someone we love. The fourth chakra is a breach between the physical and the astral worlds.

Color: Green

Area of the body that nourishes: blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system, thymus.

Number of vortices: 12

I though relationships: I love humanly

Healing Mantra: YAM


This chakra is about our ability to express ourselves and communicate with others. Voicing our needs and desires. It is related with Divine Will and surrendering.

Color: Sky Blue

Area of the body that nourishes: bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary canal, thyroid.

Number of vortices: 16

Higher Will: I will

Healing Mantra: JAM


It is located in the center of the head on the forehead. Our intuition and vision comes from here. It connects us with Divine Wisdom and our life purpose. This chakra is about listening to our inner wisdom.

Color: Blue Indigo

Area of the body that nourishes: lower brain, left eye, nose, nervous system, pituitary gland.

Number of vortices: 96

Higher Feelings: I love universally

Healing Mantra: AUM or OM


Located at the top of the head is our direct  connection to God. From here we receive guidance, grace and inspiration from God. When we feel like life is pointless we disconnect from God or Spirit and develop strong attachments to relationships, the physical world and possessions. This chakra relates to direct knowing.

Color: Violet, white

Area of the body that nourishes: right eye, pineal gland, upper brain.

Number of vortices: 972

Higher concepts: I know, I am

Healing Mantra: OM or AH

effect of colors



The Earth contains healing energy. Science has described this energy as free-flowing electrons which are constantly replenished by lightning strikes and solar radiation. These electrons can be transferred up throughout the body when we have direct contact with the ground which helps discharge electrical stress from the body and restore our natural rhythms. Grounding also helps you shield your energy when you are giving a healing or treating a patient.

How to get grounded?
– You can use grounding technology: earthing mats or sheets which connect you with the energy of the earth.
– You can also get grounded energetically. Here is a simple exercise to get grounded:

1. Stand up straight and feet wide apart. Bend your knees a little and feel your feet on the ground. Imagine a golden ball of light melting inside of you starting with the head, the shoulders, the arms, belly, hips, and legs until you reach your feet.
2. When you reach your feet, imagine roots growing down and reaching the center of the Earth, feel the safety of this connection. You can envision yourself as strong tree with big long roots.
3. Now bring the energy from the Earth up to your feet and legs with your intention. At this point you may feel more relaxed and supported.
Let the Earth hold you.
Grounding helps relieve stress, fear and anxiety. Every disease in the energetic perspective is caused by disconnecting ourselves from the energy of the Earth. We do that by closing our first chakra and shutting off our life force. (For example when you get scared, you may perceive how you freeze and move the energy upwards)

I hope you enjoyed reading this material.